Baishev University

The event “The day of the ERG in educational institutions” in Baishev University

On February 25, 2021, within the framework of the events of the Eurasian Group LLP, an online event “ERG Day in Educational Institutions” was organized for the purpose of career guidance in popular specialties of JSC TNK Kazchrome. It was attended by students of the OP “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”, “Mining”, “Control Automation”, “Information Systems”, “Ecology”.

This event was held at 2 sites – the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant and the DGOC.

In the online event: the opening of the online meeting, welcoming the participants, the announcement of the program of the meeting the moderator of Kazkeeva G.B., coordinator for social care, presentation of the video “ERG-Laborers of Kazakhstan” welcome word operations Director for personnel and social Affairs, Levitina S.V., HR business partners Acts, the performance of the speakers from the production unit, representative of the social unit, the performance of the operating chief of staff of the region, Kazakhstan ERG Naizabekov A. S., presentation of the video “ERG is a whole life”. Rich the content of the event was summed up by the coordinator for social care – Kaskeeva Gulfaram Berikovna.

Baishev University will continue to cooperate with its social partners in terms of effective employment of its graduates and will continue to work in this important area.