Responses to the COVID–19 challenges and higher education institutions strategies for the post-pandemic period in Kazakhstan

Bauyrzhan Tashmukhambetov


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Molecular Medicine: Medical Microbiology

Tashmukhambetov B., Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), a researcher from Baishev University, participates with Narxoz University academicians within the framework of grant funding in a joint project “Responses to the COVID19 challenges and higher educational institutions strategies for the post-pandemic period in Kazakhstan”

Project implementation period: 2022-2024

The project goal is to answer the following question: how has the Kazakhstani universities’ leadership react to the COVID-19 pandemic and what were the consequences of the measures taken for lecturers, learners and the educational process. Based on the results of the project, recommendations for the universities will be developed on strategic planning and management

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