Baishev University

Roundtable on Problems and prospects of youth entrepreneurship development in the Aktobe Region within the Creative Spark project (British Council).

On February 18, 2021, a roundtable discussion was held, organized by Baishev University and the Kazakh-Russian International University. The participants of the round table were remotely by video-link via the ZOOM.

The roundtable was opened with a welcoming speech by Olga Lygina, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation (Baishev University), Marat Bukharbayev, Vice-Rector for Research and Project Technology (KRMU), as well as Kevin Blanchart, Head of the Creative Spark project at Lincoln University (the United Kingdom), and Olaoye Olanrevaju, Project coordinator.

Then, the floor was given to representatives of the Youth Policy Department of the Aktobe Region, the British Council, the “Bastau” project of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (the Aktobe Region). Business representatives, Bastau project alumni, and students of both universities shared their business experience and research on youth entrepreneurship in the Aktobe Region.

The purpose of the event was to identify the main problems and opportunities for youth entrepreneurship development in Kazakhstan, particularly in the Aktobe region.

Participants of the round table discussed the main barriers and obstacles faced by Kazakhstani young people when starting a business, got acquainted with the prospects of entrepreneurship (state support, project financing, etc.), analyzed the regulatory framework in entrepreneurship, as well as identified the essential tools for youth entrepreneurship.