Baishev University

On holding the next days of the Department of education in the department “together we will achieve high-quality achievements”

On March 10, 2021, at the expert meeting of the advisory council of the Department for Quality Assurance in the Field of Education, which includes employees of the Institute for Advanced Training of Baishev University, the report presentation of the Department of Education in Aktobe was presented. The head of the Department of Education for the Aktobe region Zholdas Nurlanuly Batyrkhan took part in the report speech at the DKSO,who expressed his vision and took part in the discussion and analysis of the work of the Goroo. Heads of the Department of Education of Aktobe city Suleimenov Sayan Saparovich presented statistical information on the implementation of the state development program for 2020-2025 , problematic issues, the need for teaching staff,professional retraining of teachers who do not correspond to the specialty were voiced. Russian Russian schools require primary school teachers,teachers of Russian language and literature, and teachers of mathematics. The Advisory Board of the DKSO made comments and suggestions in implementing the plans and achieving its goals of the GorOO.