Scientific bases for the wastes neutralization from the oil refining and metallurgical industries in order to obtain viscous substances for structural building materials

Professor of the Baishev University B. Isakulov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, as an expert and consultant participates in an international project entitled “Scientific bases for the waste neutralization from the oil refining and metallurgical industry”, initiated by scientists from the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences (RAACS), which they implement together with the Research Institute of Building Physics of this Academy. It is planned to develop a technology for obtaining viscous substances for structural building materials.

The implementation period of this international scientific grant project has been lasting: 2020-2022 years.

Responses to the COVID–19 challenges and higher education institutions strategies for the post-pandemic period in Kazakhstan

Bauyrzhan Tashmukhambetov


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Molecular Medicine: Medical Microbiology

Tashmukhambetov B., Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), a researcher from Baishev University, participates with Narxoz University academicians within the framework of grant funding in a joint project “Responses to the COVID19 challenges and higher educational institutions strategies for the post-pandemic period in Kazakhstan”

Project implementation period: 2022-2024

The project goal is to answer the following question: how has the Kazakhstani universities’ leadership react to the COVID-19 pandemic and what were the consequences of the measures taken for lecturers, learners and the educational process. Based on the results of the project, recommendations for the universities will be developed on strategic planning and management

“Development of the regional universities young scientists scientific potential in the Republic of Kazakhstan: a model of mentoring”

In Kazakhstan, some measures are being taken at the state level to solve the problems of developing a knowledge-intensive economy and the Law “On Science” further implementation is being carried out, where a model of science management adapted to the best world practice was  formulated.

In this matter, the Baishev University scientific community is also actively showing interest and annually participates in competitions announced by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and line ministries as part of grant funding in priority areas of science in Kazakhstan.

According to paragraphs 39, 40 of the Government Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 16, 2011 No. 519 “On National Scientific Councils”, this State Council decided to approve the application for grant funding for the project of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Zh. Maidangaliyeva (Baishev University).

Based on the decision of the NSC, a grant for the project crew was received to implement the scientific research within the framework of the Grant Funding in the direction “Research in the field of education and science” in the total amount of 53,828,389 tenge on the topic: “Development of the regional universities young scientists scientific potential in the Republic of Kazakhstan: mentoring model” (Agreement dated by 20 May 2022).

The project implementation period is 03/01/2022 – 12/31/2024 (means: 34 months).

Project team:

Project Manager
Zhumagul Maidangalieva, PhD (6D011800 – Russian Language and Literature)
Project Researcher
Bauyrzhan Tashmukhambetov, PhD in Molecular Medicine: Medical Microbiology
Project Researcher
Gulzhana Kuzembaeva Master of Pedagogy and Psychology, PhD (6D021000 – Foreign Philology)

“ALFA-DIALOGUE” invites to take part in the “Modern writers of Russia for children of the world” project

On October 20, 2022, the “Modern Writers of Russia for the Children of the World” international project starts. The project is carried out by the autonomous non-profit organization “Center for additional professional education – “ALFA-DIALOGUE” with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The project goal is to popularize modern Russian literature for both children and teenagers abroad.

From October to December 2022, a series of events in the genre of literary salons will be held for teachers and students of schools with the Russian studied, as well as representatives of the Russian-speaking community and everyone who is interested in both the Russian language and the modern Russian children’s literature in foreign countries.

The literary salons program includes classes in children’s literature, master classes in organizing lessons in poetry and prose, meetings with to-date children’s writers and publishers.

Online classes within the framework of the “Modern writers of Russia for the children of the world” project will be held in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, a face-to-face meeting will be held in Zambia.

“Our experience of cooperation with colleagues in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Zambia shows that modern Russian literature is poorly represented both in the educational programs of schools and in extracurricular and extramular activities. But contemporary children’s literature in Russia is very diverse and interesting, it responds to the challenges of the time and establishes an intergenerational dialogue, – says Elena Yadrovskaya, a project leader, doctor of Ped. Sci., Director of ANO – “ALFA-DIALOGUE”, – It is exactly through the themes and problems of modern Russian children’s literature we will be able to find a new support for intercultural dialogue, enable the new generation to build independently good relations, and together share responsibility for the planet fate.”

The ALPHA-DIALOGUE Center has extensive experience in the study of to date children’s literature. In 2020, the Center successfully held a large-scale “Open Methodology 2020: Modern Children’s Literature and the Language of a New Generation” All-Russian conference with international participation.

The first literary salon will take place on October 20, 2022: on the basis of School No. 17 in Aktobe, accompanied by curators & tutors (M. Nurzhanova, Zh. Maidangalieva) from Baishev University – the official partner of the project in Western Kazakhstan. All events will also be held online via ZOOM.

More detailed information about the “Modern Writers of Russia – Children of the World” literary salons as well as the registration form are available on the project website

The project Telegram channel


Official letter to the Baishev University rector – Download

Program of the Literary Salon (Aktobe time) — Download

Greetings from the management of Baishev University — Download