Baishev University

“Mansap aptalygy-2021” / “career week-2021” in online format

On April 28, 2021, Baishev University hosted the third day of the meeting of employers and graduates in an online format within the framework of the “CAREER WEEK-2021” program. The third day of the “Career Week” was actively attended by:

    1. Nurybayev Yerkin Amantayuly-Head of the State Revenue Department of Khromtau district of Aktobe region; Khromtau audany boyynsha Kiris baskarmasynyn bashysy;
    2. Bisembayeva Gulzabira Zhumabayevna-leading specialist of the “Employment Center” of Aktobe; “Halykty zhumyspen kamtu ortalygynyn” zhogary deengeyli mamany
    3. Embergenov Anuar Azhigalievich-Director of Hydroecoresurs LLP»;
    4. Masabaeva Ainur Nagievna-Director of “Veterinary Sanitary Examination of Aktobe” LLP»;
    5. Venera Serikbayevna Abdullina-senior investigator for particularly important cases, lieutenant Colonel of the Police Department of the Aktobe region;
    6. Balpeisova Svetlana Asylgereevna-notary, head of the NGO “Council of Mediators” in the Aktobe region;
    7. Nysanalin Zhaksylyk Zholamanovich-Lieutenant Colonel of the police, head of the Department for Personnel Work of the Aktyubinsk region DP;
    8. Orynbasarova Rita Eltaykyzy-Aktobe oblystyk Ecology dept. ekologiyalyk retteu bolimi;
    9. Yesengaliev Daniyar Kuanyshkalievich – Aktobe agricultural experimental station.

The participants of the third day of the “Career Week-2021” spoke about vacancies, expressed their wishes and requirements for young professionals.

Guest from the” Employment Center of the population “Bisembayeva Gulzabira Zhumabaevna told about the youth practice, which gives a great opportunity for university graduates and about the project “Business Bastau”.

Specialists of the Police Department of the Aktobe region told about the employment opportunities of young lawyers in the Department of Internal Affairs .

The head of the public organization “Council of Mediators” Balpeisova Svetlana Asylgereevna informed the future lawyers about the possibilities of mediation as a special type of activity, which consists in optimizing the process of finding a solution to the problem by the conflicting parties with the participation of a third party, which allows to end the conflict.