Teaching of foreign students

Foreign students are an integral part of the modern education system in Kazakhstan. Foreign students are the guides of the Kazakh language and traditions of Kazakh culture in their countries. The presence of foreign students at Baishev University demonstrates the relevance of our university and its rating. Students from Iran, China, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries make up the main contingent of foreign students of Baishev University.

During the entire period of study, foreign students are full participants in the social, scientific, sports, and cultural life of their faculty and university.

List of documents required for the registration of a foreigner in the Department of Migration Service of the DIA:

1. A notarized copy of the passport and a translation into Kazakh or Russian

2. A notarized copy of the identity document and a translation into Kazakh or Russian, indicating the nationality (for ethnic Kazakhs)

3. A notarized copy of the medical certificate

4. Photo 3,5×4,5 (6 pieces)

Registration of foreign citizens in the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan https://egov.kz/cms/ru/government-services/for_citizen/pass008_mvd

Foreign embassies and consulates in Kazakhstan

Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad

Migration Police Department


Visa regime of the Republic of Kazakhstan with other states

Reviews of international students

I am a student of Oil and Gas business – 301 Asset Yesil (China). I really like the university where I study. “What requirements should a good university meet? Does our university meet the requirements? “I want to answer this question like this: First, to say that one university is good, it must be popular. And our university shows different peaks in the quality of education every year. Secondly, the quality of training should be acceptable. And the teachers who teach at our university have a lot of knowledge. Third, it depends on the students. And students of our university can prove themselves, both in terms of education and in terms of study. Fourth, a good university should have its own unique cultural heritage. We clearly know this from the school slogans of well-known schools. And our motto is “healing from corruption, preventing corruption”. Baishev University, where I study, is a higher education institution that meets the same requirements.

I am a student of Oil and Gas business – 301 Argyn Arman (China). I love my favorite university, our Baishev, which inspires thousands of graduates with a giant wing of knowledge, calls for dreams and encourages them to shed light on their Homeland, is a wonderful university that has become a fantasy wing for my and demanding graduates. Let your favorite students grow up from year to year, let the young people who strive for the well-being of the country and the future of the Motherland grow up.

I, Polatbekova Orazgul, a 1st year student of Baishev University, majoring in Kazakh language and literature. I am a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The quality of education at our university is good. There is no corruption in our university, the quality of education is high. I like our university.

I, Adilov Kairat, a student of the Saktagan Baishev University, studying in the specialty “Construction”, a citizen of the Russian Federation. I am very happy to study at this university, as life at our faculty is very interesting. Teachers are always ready to help, if there are misunderstandings in their subject, they always respond. Also, I wanted to say about my classmates, although we are all from different cities, we are very friendly.