Cooperation with alliances, associations of foreign countries and Kazakhstan

International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (IATL), (link in the title) which is a non-governmental public association established to promote, preserve, develop and study the Russian language and literature as part of world culture. The members of this association from among the faculty are Yessenova K.E., Zhanpeisova N.M., Tokzhanova A.M., Yergazina A.A., Abildayeva K.M., Amangazieva M.K. 

British Council   – the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and education, promotes the exchange of experiences and the strengthening of mutual understanding between the peoples of the United Kingdom and other countries. The British Council works in the field of arts and culture, English, education and civil society development in more than a hundred countries around the world.

The British Council has been working in Kazakhstan since 1994 in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, and is an important part of the bilateral relations between the UK and Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, he annually interacts with thousands of students, teachers, politicians, researchers, researchers, representatives of creative.

United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) The Department of Public Information is a global initiative of the Secretary-General aimed at enhancing cooperation with higher education institutions in support of the goals of the United Nations. Baishev University has been a member of this organization since December 2015. Participation in the initiative gives the university all the advantages of being a member of a growing network of students and scientists who are actively engaged in organizing events and conducting research in order to form a single global culture of intellectual responsibility to society.

Autonomous Non-profit Organization for Assistance in the Development of Cooperation between the CIS countries “Commonwealth of the Peoples of Eurasia”  it was created in May 2014. The purpose of its activities is to support integration processes between the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

To achieve this goal, the organization carries out the following activities:

– strengthening of relations between public and other non-profit organizations operating in the CIS countries, expansion of relations between states, peoples and people, implementation of international cooperation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

– study of economic and social phenomena in society, dissemination of ideas of cooperation and mutual assistance between people of different nationalities and different social groups;

– conducting sociological research, developing and implementing research programs and initiatives in the field of social sciences and humanities;

– selection and support of socio-political initiatives and projects aimed at the development of Eurasian integration processes;

– assistance in activities aimed at the socio-economic and cultural development of Russia and the CIS countries;

– assistance in creating an infrastructure for intercultural dialogue between the CIS countries, preserving and developing the cultural, religious, and ethnic identity of each nation;

– creation of a favorable information climate aimed at the development of unifying trends in society;

– assistance in creating conditions for the effective functioning of the common (internal) market of goods, services, capital and labor.

Association “Community of Academic Activity”(Serbia). The goal is to develop and improve professional skills, self-education, communication and exchange of best practices with colleagues from the CIS countries, the Balkan Peninsula, Europe and the United States.

Foundation of the Academy of Sciences of the Turkic Peoples (FASTP). The Foundation of the Academy of Sciences of the Turkic People will serve to preserve the cultural and civilizational accumulations of the Turkic world in all aspects of development and transfer them to new generations.

The activities planned at the Academy of Sciences of the Turkic People (ANTN) to achieve the goals mentioned above can be summarized as follows:

1. Conduct all kinds of scientific work in the field of multidisciplinary sciences (sociological, anthropological, folklore, geographical, ethnographic, historical, art history, economic)

2. To produce all kinds of scientific solutions related to the social, cultural, economic and other problems of the Turkic world.

3. Conduct joint research related to the cultural and scientific accumulation of the Turkic world, with the aim of developing and transmitting to new generations social, cultural, scientific, historical and artistic values.

4. To promote cultural accumulation, which is a common product of the Turkic world on international platforms, to periodically hold national and international symposiums for this purpose, to cooperate with centers, universities and institutes established for such purposes at home and abroad, to organize national and international scientific meetings, conferences, seminars, symposiums and congresses, to develop and implement joint projects.

5. Periodically publish an academic journal in order to study all kinds of social problems of the Turkic world, as well as to protect, develop and pass them on to new generations.

6. To create electronic and printed publications covering the collection and research of the problems of humanity, first of all, the communities that make up the Turkic world.

7. Take an active role in the process of implementing and publishing research papers, collaborating with researchers and scientists in domestic or foreign institutes, organizations and universities that are engaged or have the intention of accumulating in the field of culture and development of the Turkic world.

8. Encourage new research in universities around the world, mainly in universities in the near countries, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in the field of culture and civilization of the Turkic world.

9. Provide technical, scientific and social support to domestic and foreign scientists who will conduct research on the above issue within the framework of the Fund’s capabilities.

10. Create an archive-library of the Turkic Society from domestic and foreign books, dissertations, articles related to culture, etc

. 11. Archive photos, films, videos and slides related to the communities and culture of the Turkic world, taking into account the preparation for publication, providing information about the world of science and the tourism sector.

12. Provide support for the study of traditional, cultural products and crafts and create conditions for their preservation.

13. Provide support for all types of scientific and artistic works (documentaries, theater scenes) related to the Turkic communities and culture.

14. To cooperate with national and international civil society, public organizations, private sector organizations that implement the goals, to participate in forums, to organize direct events in the country and abroad.

15. Create working conditions and manage work councils

16. Carry out various resource-supplying activities to achieve the Fund’s goal.

17. Implement other types of work that meet the above goals.

The Foundation, consisting of science administrators from fraternal and kindred communities from all over the world, sets academic, above-mentioned goals in the field of multidisciplinary sciences (sociological, anthropological, folklore, geographical, ethnographic, ethnological, historical, art history, economic, etc.), which will be carried out using the above approach.