Development of Creative Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

On April 8, 2022 Almaty hosted the Creative Spark Forum, organized by the British Council at AlmaU University. The Forum discussed the role of education in the development of creative industries in Kazakhstan. The forum was attended by representatives of the NC “Kazakh Tourism”, the Department of Creative Industries of Almaty, the Center for the Development of Creative Industries of Nur-Sultan, universities participating in the Creative Spark project. During the panel discussion, creative entrepreneurship education of children and teenagers, the contribution of universities to teaching creative entrepreneurship, as well as the further development of Creative Spark and education for creative industries in Kazakhstan were discussed.

Baishev University has been participating in the British Council’s Creative Spark project since 2019 in partnership with the Kazakh-Russian International University (Aktobe, Kazakhstan) and University of Lincoln (Lincoln, UK).

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