Representative held a working meeting on legal education with the Baishev University head

A. Baidullina, a Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan Commissioner for Human Rights in the Aktobe region held a working meeting with O. Lygina, the Baishev University Acting Rector.

During the meeting, a conversation was held on both the legal education measures joint implementation in the field of the fundamental human and civil rights protection, and upcoming jointly implemented events and projects.

In particular, the following issues were discussed – such as: the exchange of information, the joint round tables organization and holding, as well as some other events for the university teaching staff and students on both mutual interest issues, and the appropriate educational program implementation either. Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on signing a mutual cooperation memorandum.

An international educational online forum “Actual issues of foreign language education”An international educational online forum was held by the Department of Foreign Languages and LiteratureAn international educational online forum “Actual issues of foreign language education”An international educational online forum On the April, 12

The forum received wide coverage in the Aktobe Vestnik newspaper.

The purpose of the forum: to speak on topical issues of foreign language education aimed at training competent specialists who are able to effectively carry out professional activities in the conditions of sustainable innovative development of society. To carry out the exchange of international experience for the successful integration of modern teaching methods.

The international educational forum “Actual problems of foreign language education” was attended by:

1. Lygina Olga Ivanovna – Ph.D degree in finance, vice-rector for science and strategic development;

2. Vincenzo Scalcione – Ph.D, degree in philosophy and sciences of elementary education; is a tutor-coordinator of an internship for training courses in primary education at the University of Basilicata (Italy);

3. Vasich Bibigul Kelisovna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Executive Director of the Association “Society for Academic Activity”, Serbia. Organizer of international advanced training courses, scientific conferences, trainings, professional and creative competitions (Serbia, Austria, Montenegro, Germany, Russia);

4. Iksanova Raisa Mingazitdinovna – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of English, FGBOU HE “Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla”;

5. Faculty of Baishev University;

6. Students of  2 and 4 courses of the educational program “6В01731- Foreign language: two foreign languages” of Baishev University;

7. 3rd year students of the educational program “6B02311 – Translation Studies” of Baishev University;

8. Master students of 1 and 2 courses of the educational program “7M01731-Foreign language: two foreign languages” of Baishev University;

9. Master students of the 1st year of the educational program “Foreign language: two foreign languages” of the Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov;

10. Students of the 5th year of the direction “Pedagogical education”, profiles “English and German”, “English and Russian”, “English and Chinese” FSBEI HE “Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla”.

          The reports of the forum participants touched upon such important and topical issues of modern foreign language education as the features of online learning, the use of various strategies for teaching a foreign language

University students visited Europlast Company

With the support of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Aktobe Кegion, students of Baishev University visited a local manufacturer of plastic windows, Europlast Company. The students were met by the founder of the company and the commercial director, who introduced the guests to the technological process of production.

Round table “Development of creative industry in regions, including Aktobe region”

On February 28, a round table “Development of creative industry in the regions, including Aktobe region” was held at our university. The event was attended by the rector of our university, representatives of the domestic policy department of Aktobe Кegion, the “DAMU” entrepreneurship development fund, business association, our colleagues from partner universities in Bulgaria and Georgia, lecturers and students of Baishev University, as well as the leading coordinator of the Creative Spark project Dr. Olanrewaju Olaoye.