Baishev University participates in the online International Symposium of Mersin University

From 22 to 24 October «The 4th International Mersin Symposium» («The 4th International Mersin Symposium») and «The 4th International Mediterranean Symposium» («The 4th International Mediterranean Symposium») are held on ZOOM platform, organized by Mersin University, Turkey.

At the opening ceremony, Baishev University represented by the Rector of the University Bauyrzhan Tashmukhambetov, Vice-rector for Social and Educational Work Mukhtar Mirov, Dean of the Higher School of Education Abay Duisenbayev, Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance Shynybek Bukharbayev and Professor of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature Zhubanazar Assanov.

Moreover, scientists from such countries as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Turkey, Macedonia, Russia, etc. made presentation of their papers at the event. Cultural, economic and social issues are raised at the symposium. The papers presented at the symposium cover all types of general academic research in these areas: from environment to economics, from health to nuclear energy, from agriculture to industry and trade.

Baishev University has been cooperating with Mer-Ak Mersin Academy Consulting since October 2019. The Foundation of the Academy of Sciences of the Turkic people was established in Mersin during the III international Mersin Symposium and the III International Mediterranean Symposium organized by the University of Mersin and Mer-Ak Mersin Academy Consulting. Since the establishment of the Fund there have been many events, dedicated to the Turkic world, such as the International conference on “Zhalantos Bahadur and the Turkic world”, International online conference on “Key takeaways of prominent figures in the Turkic world”, The opening of the monument to Yer Yedige, the hero of the epic “Yedige Batyr” with the participation of Akim of Aktobe Region, “the Academy of education of the Turkic world”, publishing a monograph “the Ethnopedagogy of the Turkic peoples” of the Dean of Higher School of Education of Baishev University, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Professor A. K. Duisenbayev, etc…

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