6th International Scientific Conference on “European Integration: Historical and Political Experience” in Krakow

On May 26-27, 2021, the 6th international scientific conference on “European Integration: Historical and Political Experience” is being held in an online format on the Google Meet platform. The conference is organized by the Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences of the Pedagogical University of Cracow (Poland), the event was co-organized by the Nizhyn Gogol State University, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Uzhgorod National University and Baishev University.

On behalf of Baishev University, at the opening of the conference, the Vice-Rector for Science and Strategic Development, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Olga Lygina made a welcoming speech and noted the peculiarity and importance of European integration. At the plenary session, Director of the Department of International Relations, Master of Science in Economics Zhanat Yerniyazova made a report on the topic “The relationship between pension reform and the retirement age: the case of European countries”.

         Within the framework of the conference, a breakout session was held, which was attended by undergraduates of our University of the 1st and 2nd courses of EP “Foreign language: two foreign languages”: Indira Korganbayeva, Nataliya Penner and Dariya Penner-Nassibulina. The participants of the section made informative reports on current topics: “Organization of elective courses in high school”, “Different ways of expressing linguistic politeness in intercultural communication”, “Modern approaches in the development of trilingualism”. The participants outlined the goals of elective courses, as well as what it is studied for, what needs of the subjects of the educational process it meets, what exactly the teacher and students will have to work on when studying the course. At the end of the session, a discussion was held, where the participants of the meeting were able to ask questions.

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