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1.Lygina O.Teoretical and methodological approach to tax load estimation for various sectors of Kazakhstan’s economyActual problems of economics
Issue 137, 2012
p.p. 388-396
2.Daev Z.The use opf step-down diffuser as a flow transducerMeasurement techniques
Vol 56 Issue 4 Pages 426-428
July 2013
ISSN 0543-1972
eISSN 1573-8906
3.Daev Z.Relathionship between expansion coefficient of standard constrictions and the speed of sound in measurement of the flow rate and quantity of a gas
Measurement techniques
Vol 56 Issue 8 Pages 894-897
Nov 2013
ISSN 0543-1972
eISSN 1573-8906

Daev, Zh.A.,

Latyshev, L.N.
 System of cost accounting and volume of associated gas

Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry

Issue 1, 2013, Pages 104-105
5.Shangytbayeva, G.A.,
Akhmetov, B.S., Beysembekova, R.N., Kazbekova, G.N.
Analysis of methods organization of the modelling of protection of systems client-server.
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 9(10), 2014, с. 452-456
6.Yergazina, A.A., Sokolova, L.B., Ayzhanova, G.K., Utaliyeva, Z.T.Communicative strategies of socialization and accumulation of experience in intercultural activity of a studentLife Science Journal
11(7),64,  2014, с. 497-501
7.Yergazina, A.A.The sociocultural interference in the process of the formation of the experience of intercultural activities of the studentLife Science Journal
11(SPEC.ISS.1), 2014, с. 195-198
8.Hasanov A.H.,
Seilkhanova R.B.
Particular solutions of generalized euler-poisson-darboux equation.Electronic Journal of Differential Equations No. 09, Vol. 2015 (2015), pp. 1-10. ISSN: 1072-6691. URL: http: // ejde.math.txstate.edu or http: // ejde.math.unt.edu
9.Imangazin M.K.
Using a poisson distribution to determine the probability of injury at the aksusk ferroalloys plant
Vol 54, No 13(15).2015
(Стр.  69-71)
ISSN: 0026-0894
10.Kulbaeva B.,
Karimova A.
Alekeshova L.
The Social Role Approach of Family Education in Adolescents DevelopmentТhe annual international conference on cognitive – social, and behavioural sciences
Iccsbs Аug 2015
Vol. 6, No. 09, 03.08.2015., pp. 4-10. ISSN: 1072-6691.
11.Mukhtarullina A.,
Issakova S.,
Kuzdibaeva A.,
Esenova K.
The cognitive modelling of textual modality
Social and behavioral sciences
(Conference proceedings)
Vol 214 Pages 970-976
June 2015 ISSN 1877-0428
12.Kairakbaev A.K., Abdrakhimova E.S., Abdrakhimov V.Z., Kolpakov A.V.Study of the effect of AI2O3 in acid and thermal shock resistance of acid-resistant refractories using a regression analysis method
Refractories and industrial ceramics
Vol 56 Issue 3 Pages 276-280
Sept 2015
ISSN 0361-7610
eISSN 1573-8515
13.Roshchupkina I.Y., Kairakbaev A.K., Abdrakhimova E.S., Abdrakhimov V.Z., Kolpakov A.V.Innovative technology developments aimed at structural – chemical modification of lining materials based on nonferrous metalurgy waste and phosphate binders
Refractories and industrial ceramics
Vol 56 Issue 4 Pages 398-401
Nov 2015
ISSN 0361-7610
eISSN 1573-8515
14.Daev, Zh A.A Comparative Analysis of the Discharge Coefficients of Variable Pressure-Drop Flowmeters
Measurement TechniquesТом: 58  Выпуск: 3  Стр.: 323-326  Опубликовано: JUN 2015
15.Kairakbaev A.K., Abdrakhimova E.S., Abdrakhimov V.Z.Effect of high-alumina nanotechnogenic petrochemical wastes on the clinker brick
Glass and ceramics
Vol 72 Issue 9-10 Pages 335-340
Jan 2016
ISSN 1083-4877
eISSN 1573-9139
16.Daev Z.A.A method for the measurement of a pulsating flow of liquid
Measurement techniques
Vol 59 Issue 3 Pages 243-246
June 2016
ISSN 0543-1972
eISSN 1573-8906
17.Asadulin R.M.,
Teregulov F.Zh., Koletvinova N.D., Egamberdieva N.M.
Fundamental and applied education – a new look
IEJME — Mathematics Education
Vol.11 (1), 2016, p.p. 23-33
ISSN: 1305-8223
18.Tleuova A. Z,
BaltymovaМ. R.,
Niyazova G.M.,
Tektigul Zh.O.,
Toxanbayeva T.Zh.
The World of Fantasy and the Trends in Modern Kazakh Fantastic Literature.
IEJME — Mathematics Education
vol. 11, No. 6, 1591-1605, 2016
19.Sultangazinova S.K., Yessengarayeva B.Sh.,
Kainarbekova A,
Nauryzova K.Sh.,
Shagiachmetov D.R.
Working Capacity of Track Structure and Failure
Simulation of its Components
IEJME— Mathematics Education
2016, VOL. 11, NO. 8, 2995-3008
20.Kenessariev U.I.,
Zinulin U.Z.,
Yerzhanova A.E.,
Amrin M.K.,
Aybasova Zh.A.
Monitoring of public health in the Kashagan oil and gas field
Hygiene and sanitation
2016, Vol 95, № 8. ISSN: 0016-9900e
ISSN: 2412-0650
21.Abdugaliyeva, G.Y., Imangazin, M.K.,
Utyanova, U.S.
Survey of reference resources on HSE issues in mining industry of the KazakhstanNews of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences
4(418), 2016, с. 103-109
22.Zumanova, B.K.,
Doskeyeva, G.Z.,
Nukesheva, A.Z.,  Kurmankulova, N.Z.,
Danishev, A.B.
Management strategy for the resources of financial corporations in the Republic of Kazakhstan
International Journal of Economic Perspectives
10(4), 2016, с. 218-227
23.Kurmanov, N., Beisengaliyev, B.,
Dogalov, A.,
Turekulova, D., Kurmankulova, N.
Raw-material-intensive economy and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Kazakhstan
International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues
6(4), 2016, с. 1440-1445
24.Turekulova, A.N., Turekulova, D.M., Muhambetova, L.K., Baybasheva, G.K., Kurmankulova, N.Z.Transformation to ideas of investments as economic category
Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics
7(5), 2016,  с. 1218-1225
25.Kairakbaev, A.K., Abdrakhimova, E.S., Abdrakhimov, V.Z.Use of Aluminum-Containing Technogenic Wastes from Nonferrous Metallurgy in the Production of Clinker Ceramic ArticlesGlass and Ceramics (English translation of Steklo i Keramika)
2016 с. 1-4
26.Imangazin M.K.,
Almatova B.G.,
Allanova R.M.
Identification and  risk assessment of hazard occurrence at the Aksu ferroalloys plant during 2007-2012
Vol 59, No 11-12 Pages 1152-1156
March 2016
ISSN: 0026-0894
27.Kairakbaev, A. K.; Abdrakhimova, E. S.; Abdrakhimov, V. Z.Effect of High-Alumina Nanotechnogenic Petrochemical Wastes on the Heat Resistance of Clinker BrickGlass And Ceramics 
Том: 72  Выпуск: 9-10  Стр.: 335-340  JAN 2016
28.Daev, Z.A.,
Kairakbaev, A.K.
Measurement of the Flow Rate of Liquids and Gases by Means of Variable Pressure Drop Flow Meters with Flow StraightenersMeasurement Techniques
2017, с. 1-5  (Статьявпечати)
29.Kairakbaev, A.K., Abdrakhimova, E.S., Abdrakhimov, V.Z.Effect of Different Coal-Enrichment Wastes on the Physical and Mechanical Properties and Phase Composition of Heat-Insulation MaterialsGlass and Ceramics (English translation of Steklo i Keramika)  #74(1-2), 2017, с. 55-59
30.Abdrakhimova, E.S., Kairakbaev, A.K.,
Abdrakhimov, V.Z.
Use of waste products coal enrichment in manufacture of ceramic materials – The perspective direction for «green» economyUgol’
(2), 2017,  с. 54-57
31.Dayev, Zh. A.;
Latyshev, L. N.
Application of the multichanneling principle for solution of the problems related to increase of substance flowmeter accuracyFlow Measurement And InstrumentationТом: 56 
2017, Стр.: 18-22
32.Sadykova, S.A.;
Kurmanova, B. Zh.;
2017,  Выпуск: 3 
Стр.: 445-460
33.Daev, ZhA.;
Kairakbaev, A. K.
Measurement of the Flow Rate of Liquids and Gases by Means of Variable Pressure Drop Flow Meters with Flow StraightenersMeasurement TechniquesТом: 59  2017, Выпуск: 11 
Стр.: 1170-1174
34.Tektigul, Z. O.;               Sadirova, K. K.;         Kussanova, B. H.;     Zhuminova, A. B;        Shetiyeva, A T;              Karabaev, M I.Cultural аnd Historical Features щf Kazakh AnthroponymsModern Journal Of Language Teaching Methods
Том: 7 Выпуск: 11 Стр.: 185-191 Опубликовано: NOV 2017
35.Imangazin, M.K., Abdrakhimova,E.S., Abdrakhimov,V.Z.,       Kairakbaev, A.K.Innovative Directions for Utilization of Ferrous Metallurgy Waste in Ceramic Brick ProductionMetallurgist

61(1-2), с. 111-115

36.Abdugaliyeva,G.Y. Kairakbaev,A.K, Abdrakhimov,V.Z, Imangazin,M.K.Electron-microscopic studies of phase transformations of expanded clay on various stages of roastingNews of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Series of Geology and Technical Sciences Volume 5, Issue 425, 2017, Pages 283-289

37.Abiev, S. A.;Aipeisova, S. A.; Utarbayeva, N. A.Health state of the trees in Aktobe urban ecosystem (Kazakhstan)
UKRAINIAN JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY   Том: 7   Выпуск: 4   Стр.: 51-55   Опубликовано: 2017
38.Aldamzharov,N. Akhmetzhan,S., Aitaliyev,Y., Analysis of horizontal well operation at the Zhanazhol depositJournal of Ecological Engineering

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2018, Pages 25-32

39.Aipeisova,S.A. Utarbayeva, N.A.          Amanova, R.P.              Amanova, K.P.        Kazkeev, E.T.,           Kalieva, A.K.Aktobe case of photosynthetic pigment composition in aspen (Populus tremula) leaves from urban area
EurAsian Journal of BioSciences

Volume 12, Issue 1, 21 July 2018,

Pages 139-141

40.Maydangalieva, Z.A.,  Benkovskaya, T.E.,  Yadrovskaya, E.R.  Sosnovskaya, I.V.Literary development of schoolchildren as an important issue of modern educational curriculum
Journal of Social Studies Education Research

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2018, Pages 198-214

41.Soboleva, E.V.,              Galimova, E.G.,  Maydangalieva, Z.A.,  Batchayeva, K.K.Didactic value of gamification tools for teaching modeling as a method of learning and cognitive activity at schoolEurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

Volume 14, Issue 6, 2018, Pages 2427-2444

42.Kairakbaev, AK;   Abdrakhimov, VZ; Abdrakhimova, ES
Synthesis of Composite Heat-Insulating Material Based on Liquid Glass and Salt Wastes from Aluminum ProductionGLASS AND CERAMICS 
Том: 75 Выпуск: 3-4 Стр.: 108-111 DOI: 10.1007/s10717-018-0038-1 Опубликовано:JUL 2018
43.Karimova, A;                      Summers, D;                Balpeissova, S;              Utemissova, G;                  Gavrina, ARole Conflict «Wife Vs Mother»: Expectations Of StudentsBULLETIN OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN
Выпуск: 2 Стр.: 87-93 Опубликовано:2018
44.Utemissova, G;                  Summers, D;                      Urmurzina, B;                Abdirakhmanova, Y;      Summers, SAB Psycholinguistic Study Of Suggestive Methods In EducationBULLETIN OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN
Выпуск: 3 Стр.: 159-166 Опубликовано:2018
45.Urmurzina, BG;          Utemissova, GU;                Uteuova, AA;                Issatayeva, BB;                Gavrina, AVCross-cultural Aspects Of Company’s Goal-Setting System As A Form Of MotivationBULLETIN OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN   Выпуск: 3  Стр.: 144-151        Опубликовано:2018 
46.Daev, Z.A.,

Theoretical modelling of natural gas unsteady flow rate measurement using variable differential pressure methodFlow Measurement and Instrumentation

Volume 62, August 2018, Pages 33-36

47.Kairakbaev, A.K., Abdrakhimova, E.S., Abdrakhimov, V.Z.Synthesis of Composite Heat-Insulating Material Based on Liquid Glass and Salt Wastes from Aluminum ProductionGlass and Ceramics (English translation of Steklo i Keramika) 
Volume 75, Issue 3-4, 1 July 2018,  Pages 108-111
48.Savchits, N.Y.,              Ismailova, S.A.          Turebayeva, B.Z.The experience of students’ interethnic tolerance formation in the conditions of university’s multicultural educational spaceEspacios 

Volume 39, Issue 5, 2018,

 Номерстатьи 19

49.Ahtarieva, R.,                  Ibragimova, E.,                   Sattarova, G.,              Turzhanova, G.Integration as a form of acculturation of foreign student – future teacher in the polyethnic educational environment of universityJournal of Social Studies Education Research

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2018, Pages 317-331